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24.com is driven by a mission to provide South African audiences with a diverse range of online content and services, from breaking news and in-depth reporting to expert opinions and useful information. We are a technical solutions powerhouse that builds and supports the most well-known news and publication platforms in Africa.

We are 24.com

Our multi-skilled teams work in cross-functional squads to deliver sound technical solutions. Our pillars include Web Engineering, Mobile App Engineering, Data Science and Engineering, Advertising Technology, QA, Product & Project Management, UX Design and DevOps.

Mobile Apps

Our Mobile App Development team works in an agile environment to deliver sound mobile app solutions across iOS, Android and Huawei devices.

Tech stack includes:
24.com Who we are services mobile apps
24.com Who we are services adaptive websites

Adaptive Websites

Our Web team is responsible for creating and maintaining adaptive websites, ranging from front-end to back-end APIs and services. Our team is comprised of highly skilled front-end and full-stack engineers.

Tech stack includes:

Data Science & Engineering

Our DSE team is comprised of adept cloud data engineers and data scientists, responsible for analytics, machine learning and all things data, to create insights and automated decision-making for the team, our broader business and audiences.

Tech stack includes:
24.com Who we are services data science and engineering
24.com Who we are services product

Product Management

Our Product team is responsible for maintaining and enhancing 24.com’s product stack, including requirements from business and our audiences. They also research trends and new third-party solutions that might enhance our stack. They orchestrate communication across the SDLC and are assisted by a project manager for certain larger business-wide projects.


Our DevOps engineering team is responsible for site and platform reliability across Azure, AWS and GCP cloud services. We design, implement and maintain scalable and resilient infrastructure solutions that support our products and services. We also automate workflows, monitor performance, troubleshoot issues and ensure compliance with best practices and standards. Our team collaborates closely with developers and testers to deliver high-quality infrastructure solutions that meet their needs and expectations.

Tech stack includes:
24.com Who we are services ad-tech

Ad Tech

The 24.com Ad Tech team is responsible for ensuring the health and innovation of our digital advertising ecosystem. We maintain and develop the platforms used by the commercial sales teams to reach our target audiences and ensure all our campaigns are optimised for maximum viewability and impact.

Tech stack includes:

Quality Assurance

Our QA team consists of automation engineers and testers, responsible for ensuring that our products are shipped with exceptional quality.

Tech stack includes:
24.com Who we are services ad-tech quality assurance
24.com Who we are services design

UX Design

Our UI/UX Design team is comprised of highly talented individuals, focused on keeping the end-user in mind when designing the interface and user experience for our apps and websites.

Tech stack includes:

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