24.com Matric Results Hub | Empowering Access to Results

For many years, when South Africa’s matriculation results were released, students eagerly searched through newspapers, hoping to find their name among the successful candidates. But thanks to technology, this annual ritual has turned into a digital tradition. Nowadays, students and parents visit trusted online platforms such as the Matric Results Hub, a feature offered by popular news websites News24 and Netwerk24, built by 24.com.

In 2022, nearly a million grade 12 students enrolled for the matric exams. So, it’s no surprise that extensive data management and meticulous planning is required to create a platform that can consistently deliver their results on time. Chaitanya Dasari, Full Stack Engineer at 24.com, and Rushaye Smith, Junior Product Manager at 24.com, who both work on the team that tackles this significant project each year, describe the thinking behind the Matric Results Hub and the work that goes into it.

Enabling accessibility

“24.com saw an opportunity to evolve with technology, transitioning from print to digital platforms, which marked the start of this project,” says Rushaye. “This transformation was in many ways an evolution that aligned with the changing times. It wasn’t just about convenience or shift in medium; but a response to the growing need for easier access to information. The aim was to use technology that would allow users easy and immediate access to matric results.”

Communication and collaboration

Building the Matric Results Hub is a collective effort. Various departments, from developers to UX designers, and QA engineers, collaborate to bridge the gap between business needs and user expectations. Each year the 24.com team rallies to make the project a success.

“Collaboration and communication also extend to the Department of Education,” says Chaitanya. “We depend on the department to provide the data and results that enable users to search for their matric results using their exam numbers. This ongoing collaboration also helps ensure we comply with evolving data privacy laws, as the 24.com team navigates a complex regulatory landscape.”

Beyond its core capability of providing access to matric results, the hub also features success stories of students who’ve achieved extraordinary results amid challenging circumstances. These stories inspire and foster a sense of unity as South Africans come together to celebrate the achievements of our matriculants

Performance and enhancements

Fluctuations in site traffic are common during the matric results season, as millions visit the Matric Results Hub. 24.com has met the demands of this fluctuating traffic by transitioning from traditional systems to cutting-edge Azure cloud architecture. This provides better scalability and ensures a seamless user experience, even during traffic surges. 24.com continuously monitors the hub’s performance, implementing any necessary updates and improvements.

The hub has revolutionised the way people access matric results – evidence of 24.com’s commitment to building trusted, accessible, and reliable platforms.