Interns to Innovators | Yusuf & Lodwin

At, we’re on a mission to cultivate the talents of today while paving the way for the tech trailblazers of tomorrow. As we approach 2024, we’re thrilled to invite South Africa's brightest to embark on an enriching career journey with us. To give you a taste of what awaits, we’ve caught up with former interns who are now thriving as part of the family. Find out about their experiences and how the Internship Programme can kick-start an exciting career for you.

Yusuf Rasad | Junior Engineer at

After completing my degree in computer science and information technology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, I stumbled on the internship programme on Graduates24. Having used’s products, I was thrilled by the prospect of working on websites and apps used by millions of South Africans daily. I joined the programme in March 2022, and it exceeded my expectations from day one. While I’d never interned before, my friends’ experiences at other companies were mostly filled with tasks unrelated to the careers they’re pursuing; so, I assumed interning at would entail the same.

Much to my surprise we were immersed in the workflow from day one and as we finished training, we were roped into working on production sites. I loved the feeling of being able to show my family and friends which components on live sites I had a hand in building. Doing maintenance on websites, helping to develop new features, and working on new projects starting from the ground up was more than I could ever have expected from an internship programme.

I also had to complete a year-long graduate workshop that equipped me with crucial job market skills. The programme covered effective communication with colleagues, time management, and efficient learning techniques. Alongside this, I received training on how to best manage my finances. I was also introduced to various courses designed to master the languages and frameworks I'd later apply in my work. Unlimited access to Udemy courses is another significant perk that supercharged both my personal and professional growth. I can't overstate how instrumental this opportunity has been in my development, and I'm genuinely grateful for it.

Since my internship, I’ve had the privilege of tackling frontend development, handling backend tasks, conducting QA testing, and embracing numerous new technologies. This broad experience enriches my current role as a junior engineer and lays the foundation for future opportunities within the company as my career evolves. The work culture at is amazing, and the opportunities are limitless.

When his internship ended in December 2022, Yusuf was offered the role of Junior Engineer at, a position which he accepted and currently fulfils. Yusuf’s future at looks brighter than ever!

Lodwin Moloto | Junior Engineer at

During my last year at the University of Johannesburg, where I was pursuing my degree in mathematical sciences with a major in computer science, a friend introduced me to an exciting internship opportunity at I immediately started researching and when I came across their impressive tech stack, which included C#, .Net, Typescript, and React, I was sold.

Initially I was concerned that I wouldn’t be accepted to the Internship Programme as I’m based in Johannesburg and the offices are in Cape Town. To my surprise, they offered me the flexibility of an online internship and sponsored a week-long visit to the Cape Town headquarters. This allowed me to connect with the team face to face and provided an immersive experience within the vibrant workspace.

Throughout my internship I felt right at home. From day one, I was seamlessly integrated into the software development team and never once treated as “just an intern”. It was a hands-on experience from the get-go, and I had the opportunity to create components that were deployed into production and are currently live on several property sites.

Witnessing the impact of my work and seeing it in use was a powerful motivator. I was extremely proud knowing that I wasn't just learning but contributing to the enhancement of's products and platforms. The internship journey also offered me valuable insights into myself as we engaged in a series of workshops designed for personal growth and exploring our thinking styles. This helped me understand the environment in which I thrive and also helped me hone my ability to communicate effectively.

I've undergone a significant transformation as a developer in the past year and genuinely believe that without the foundation laid by the Internship Programme, I wouldn't have thrived as I have my current role. It provided me with invaluable guidance, offering a structured path and pinpointing the areas I needed to work on in my journey towards becoming a more skilled developer. On reflection, joining was the smartest career move I could’ve made.

At the end of Lodwin’s internship in March 2023, he was offered and accepted the full- time position of Junior Engineer. We can’t wait to see what more he brings to

The Internship Programme has been a launchpad for many talented individuals, and Yusuf and Lodwin’s success stories are just a glimpse of what could await you. If you’re ready to kickstart your career, head on over to the Careers page and apply.