Interns to Innovators | Rushaye & Tashreeq

Are you ready to dive into the dynamic world of digital media and technology? Look no further than, the driving force behind South Africa's leading news platforms. Our highly anticipated graduate programme is now open for applications and we’ve caught up with our former interns for a glimpse into what you can expect should you join the programme.

Rushaye Smith | Jr Product Manager at

Back in 2017, while I was knee-deep in my honours degree in Information Systems, I started exploring internships in Cape Town for the following year. My goal was to put all that newfound knowledge to good use and increase my chances of securing permanent employment. I stumbled upon the Media24 internship programme and among the array of options, the product manager role immediately caught my attention. Up until then I'd only heard about Business Analysts or Systems Analysts and had no idea what a product manager does, but after a quick Google search, I threw my hat in the ring and applied for the product manager internship.

I anticipated that the internship would lean more towards job shadowing, with tasks revolving around brewing coffee or tending to the photocopy machine, but luckily my expectations were wildly off the mark and the programme turned out to be an immensely hands-on experience. From the get-go, the team made me feel like I belong - inviting me to meetings and making sure I’m involved in all projects where I could learn. Stepping into, I found myself working with different product managers, each of which gave me an opportunity to roll up my sleeves and complete tasks. Throughout the internship, the tasks that came my way were curated to maximise experiential learning, setting the stage for potential openings and career prospects within

Before the internship came to an end, I was offered a Junior Product Manager position at and didn't hesitate to join this amazing team and company. Fast forward and here I am, celebrating my fifth year with, and thanks to the Media24 bursary programme I’m also pursuing a Masters in Information Systems. At, it doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro looking to put down roots or straight out of university without any experience – it's an awesome place to be with unlimited growth opportunities.

Tashreeq Waggie | Junior Developer at

In 2020, while casually scrolling through LinkedIn, I came across a job ad for the Internship programme. I wasn’t aware that Media24 had an engineering department so I started digging into the company and gathering as much information as possible. The more I uncovered, the more I felt like could be the ideal workplace for me as I wasn't particularly content with my current job. Excited for a change of pace, I took a leap of faith and applied for the internship programme.

In those first two months of the internship, I spent a lot of time studying to get familiar with the languages and technologies integral to I received a list of courses to complete on Media24’s internal training hub, MyAcademy, and even completed a few external certificates sponsored by Media24. Right off the bat, I was involved in stand-up meetings and sprint sessions, and later got pulled into testing and fixing bugs. Being an intern, I assumed I had to prove myself but I was hesitant to dive right in and fix bugs when I could potentially break something. Truth be told, I did encounter a few mishaps along the way, but on every occasion, there was a helping hand ready to step in and fix things.

The great thing about is that there's a genuine sense of support among the team – it's a place where everyone's got each other's backs, and no one is too busy to help or point you in the right direction. I was initially drawn to the Media24 internship programme because it’s a well-known, reputable company, but what truly solidified my decision to take on the role of Junior Software Developer was the incredible team I'd have the privilege to work with. Looking back, I still can’t believe I came across this opportunity while scrolling through LinkedIn, but I’m glad I took a chance and am now part of the family. These almost two years have taught me so much, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Rushaye and Tashreeq’s journey from interns to innovators is a testament to the possibilities that await you within the internship programme. Ready to embrace the opportunity of a lifetime? Head on over to the careers page and apply.