"Maternity" leave is not about you!

Gay and adoptive parents deserve the same rights as birthing mothers.

Girls prefer "normal Barbie"

With an average sized waist and properly proportioned feet, the Lammily doll is definitely the better choice.

Ferguson and the hordes of whitesplainers punching down

Laura Shortridge explains why we should be “punching up” rather than “punching down” when referring to Ferguson.

Low carb zucchini spaghetti and meatballs

A great go-to meal for Banters!

<b>A CAR FOR EVERYONE:</b> Lexus'' RC F is set to be a high-performance car that anyone can drive. It arrives in SA early 2015. <i>Image: Lexus</I>

SA-bound Lexus RC F: Performance for all

Lexus has produced its most powerful V8 road car yet. Get ready for the new SA-bound RC F, a high-performance car for any...


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    No disruption in Emirates flights

    No disruption in Emirates flights

    While Emirates still operates all its services in SA, including a fourth daily flight to Johannesburg, an official has been suspended regarding the matter. More

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