How to get Kate Middleton hair

Just because you’re not blessed with naturally thick, shiny and cascading hair doesn’t mean you can’t fake it.

Chasing dads for maintenance

Why should the government have to get involved to get parents to pay their papgeld?

Chocolate salami

Decadent chocolate rolled up with toasted nuts, cherries and biscuits.

A detox for your skin? Why not?

Detoxing isn't just about eliminating impurities from your digestive system: your skin can benefit just as much from being rid of...

5 things that are damaging your skin right now

Wrinkles, early ageing and scarring are just some of the things that can go wrong when you expose your skin to these elements and...


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    Top wreck hunter believes they’ve found MH370 crash site

    Top wreck hunter believes they’ve found MH370 crash site

    Despite searches yielding no concrete signs of the Malaysia Airlines jet that went missing on 8 March, an experienced wreck hunter believes that they crash site has been found.  More

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